Marine speakers

7506's are in an alternate leauge than AKG, Shure, Sennheiser and even beyerdynamic earphones. They are straightforward, straightforward and amazingly helpful. The insult on 7506's is they sound "unforgiving", " excessively sterile", and so forth. These aren't for tuning in to your Kanye playlist while climbing or "bassing out" on some Dubstep. These are proficient sound TOOLS used to blend, check recording quality, track overdubs, and so forth. They are made to be straightforward, level and unflattering to recordings with issues so they can be tended to. I got my first combine in 1994 and those young men are as yet working incredible. The main thing was as of late burning through $10 or so here at Amazon for substitution earpads, now they look new simply like the match I just purchased from here a couple of months back. The new ones will take some "softening up" as the initial couple of months the drivers are as yet settling, and so on. These earphones age unbelievably well in light of the fact that my 20+ year old combine sounds similarly as tight and valid as the new match however a specific roundness and development of the stereo picture is available, truly cool. Sony 7506's are fundamental for checking blends and exceed expectations in segregating sound while overdubbing vocals and mic'd instruments. Notwithstanding blending is incredible on these...of course nearfield screens are the lead for blending however in the event that you "know" and take in the way 7506's sound and respond it is totally conceivable to create marvelous blends without a screen in sight. Attempt truly tuning in to great collections that have notorieties for being recorded and blended to a great degree well and you will soon "get" why 7506's are so basic. Collections like "Who's Next" by the Who, "Aja" by Steely Dan, "alright Computer" by Radiohead, "Full Moon Fever" by Tom Petty and "Monastery Road" by the Beatles are prime listening lessons. A large portion of those records were made on simple tape and in studios without the DAW simplicity of today as advanced precious stone clearness yet 7506's demonstrate to you how the designer/maker/craftsman cut out the sonic space and recurrence zone for each instrument. Go to class on stuff this way and your own most loved stuff and after that when you check blends, track and even blend with 7506 earphones you'll have so much knowledge and experience to apply to your undertakings.
Sorry for the novel yet I can't put these sufficiently over, really remarkable instrument that any sound professional ought to have. The main thing even close are beyerdynamic DT100's however they don't have the sound stage and measurement that the Sony's have. What's more, for non Recording and Pro Audio aficionado's as yet perusing now I think on the off chance that you can acknowledge going in that these aren't gimmicky clamor crossing out, "outrageous bass" earphones, 7506's can be incredible for hearing how the craftsman delivered the music and planned it to sound. I know I'd preferably have these than a few beats by dre for a universal multi-hour flight anyday.
All things being equal, these aren't really earphone adaptations of the respected Yamaha NSM10 screens however like those studio models 7506's can give legit understanding into what's privilege and what's off-base about what you're tuning in to.
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